the awkward start

I’m still navigating my way through, though I’m setting it and adjusting it to my liking. My other blog, nothing’s wrong with it, except for publicity- total exposure. I don’t care how harsh my posts will be, in this blog. Oh, right- I have like, four blogs altogether, from three different sources. HAHA.

I’ve been sleeping at odd hours. And up at times when most people are probably sleeping. Auntie Rahimah’s husband passed away yesterday, like, the second day of raya. Kesian eh- I don’t like death, and the grief that I have to go through. OH! And in the newspaper today; do people actually kill strays by drowning? I hope you rot and burn in Hell.

My cousin, Aqilah. We used to be really close when we were kid. Now-? I don’t know. I simply don’t know what’s going on, she doesn’t talk, she won’t even look at me. To be honest, I want things to be the way it used to, she used to talk a lot, she used to sleep over at my place and stuff. I just want to catch up with the lost times, know what’s goin on- But she seems so distant, that I find her hard to approach.


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