Chapter One

Assalamualaikum first of all I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates lately, well – it makes more sense to say I haven’t been providing people with updates. I’m sure you understand, it’s not my nature to not update you at all, so you’ve got to understand something is not right. And yes I just got my internet connection, yesterday. Well because the original router is screwed, and we bought a new one, because we couldn’t wait until Monday (when the company would come and replace us with a new router) to get online. So praise that, okay?

And these are the pictures from a couple of days ago, and I don’t feel like uploading the rest of the pictures from that day, because it requires me to compress them files – lots of work for a busy girl. Will do a proper photo uploads that actually make sense some other time. Sorry for that. Hehe! When I say I’m busy – or anything that sounds like it, I’m not joking, it’s not an excuse and it’s not a reason, it’s fact. And for those unbelievers – there’s nothing I’d like to say, because I just don’t give a damn.

Atiqah Ismail & Anisah Samuil

And this is Anisah Samuil – one of my housemates, and you will expect yourselves to be seeing a lot of her for the next couple of years (:

Dilston Road

Dilston Road

We were actually really bored at the time, so we took a walk and ended up arah the Dilston Road guys’ house, and had some good lepak time. That was the only free-time and non-busy day of the week, wasn’t it? And no I’m not fat yet.

Okay, until next time. Good day people! (:


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