Statistics Died

Assalamualaikum (:

Believe me I am doing maths and statistics as one of my core modules. Shocking isn’t it? Not only I did not take A level mathematics or anything close to it, also I do not fancy anything that has got something to do with it. My cooling pad sounds like an aeroplane waiting for take off. I left the cooling pad that my sister gave me at home back in Brunei –  and I also left my lens hood back there. And my vitamin C is missing, strange.

I suck at night photography, especially when the subject moves, for example, people. So I do not have many photos like the ones below. These are the pictures from last night, from Ummi’s new Canon 500D at the Millennium Bridge, Gateshead last night. And it was cold, no kidding. And I do not plan to go out at night in this type of cold in the future, its not even winter yet. I loathe the cold. The actual gambar of the Millennium Bridge will later be uploaded, the ones I captured with my camera, insyallah (:


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