I have been practising and revising for the Statistics assessment, and I’ve not been doing a satisfying job on it, until just now! HAHAHA! I have just got to print-screen it. For one reason, and one reason only, it’s statistics, baby. And I aced it! Amazing. But yeah it’s just practise, and that I still have the real exam waiting this week. Obviously I am excited over a tad bit of life, which most people might have had done it way back in college, but whatever. Because, it’s statistics. And I aced it.

Statistics Assessment Practice Mode!

It’s been raining and it’s been cold lately. And its a hassle to get out of bed every morning. And I miss my boyfriend. And baby, good luck and all the best on your exams at the end of this month, okay sayang? You know I love you. Keep that in mind.


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