Dear Life (:

Hello everyone, and Assalamualaikum. How have you been doing?

And I ask my self, how have I been doing? I’ve been well. How am I doing? I’m doing great. I need a little bit of fresh air. I’ve been bombarded with ass cracking loads of tasks. For my own good though, the torture shall worth something great. So Economics test was okay, not great, just okay. But for sure I got that Regression Analysis question wrong, shame. I’ve mistaken it with Barometric forecasting. And I have totally forgotten most of what Diminishing Marginal Utility was about. Okay scrap that, as if you care. It was good to frustrate myself, like a wake up call – and what happened concludes that I need to read some more, freshen up the memory cells, and what else? Get back on track. Definitely. You think I’m busy now? I was stricter than this in college. So this isn’t my definition of busy yet. This is SLACK.

So anyway Azri Metussin and I have reached our 5th month of – what’s the word? You can never explain what we have, but I know what we have is amazing.

Anisah Samuil and I killed a slug tonight. Hell, that was gross. Try sprinkling salt over a slug, and I will assure you that you’ll dig what I meant with gross. Deco and Jimmy came over to take our luggages, and then cooked us dinner. Thank you. It was funny how worried Deco was to walk out the door with the idea that we’d starve our selves.

So two tests down, and one assignment to go. It’s a big fat assignment so don’t expect me to have consecutive hours of free time. It’s due mid November and all I have done so far is Information Gathering – and no I have not started constructing the report yet. And note that I have to be careful not to commit plagiarism. And to carefully follow a very slack business report format. My report has to be cool enough so that ‘busy business people who don’t fancy reading shit’ would read. And that alone isn’t easy. And I have to admit, every aspect of this assignment is not easy, and it makes up 50% of the module for this semester. And that kills.

So I shall continue my assignment now. Assalamualaikum!


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