Statistics and Coffee


I have been constructing graphs, summarising numbers into graphs. Commenting on graphs, and calculating distributions of different sorts. AND HELL TO THOSE WHO WANTS TO MESS WITH MY SHIT.

And to be honest there are times when I quite enjoy doing statistics. But I had three hours of statistics today, which my mind practically given up on the second hour. Got too sick and tired of doing all those binomial,

and exponential distributions whatever being. And when I reached home this afternoon, again some more statistics, because I will be assessed on it next week. And later on after this probably unread post, will do some more graphs, for the sake of my assignments, which due date falls on my boyfriend’s birthday, quite decent? And there’s another test on Thursday next week. I’m not smiling right now, because I suddenly remembered about that Census Day thing I missed. Screw it.

There hasn’t been a day without me tapping on that calculator this week. And don’t think I will be free this December, don’t THINK and don’t ASSUME and don’t EXPECT anything like it. Because I have exams in January and another assignment and portfolio to be submitted in January. And don’t PISS ME OFF.

Wow, am I in a bad mood right now. I just don’t all the anticipation and all the waiting for what’s going to happen about that Census Day thing – I know damn well it’s pretty useless and pointless and a waste of shit to worry over something, because worrying just won’t give you anything, won’t solve nothing. But it comes sometimes, without me realising how pointless it is to worry. BUT DUDE.


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