Good afternoon! And Selamat Malam Brunei (:

So last night I checked the tickets for summer. It’s alright and reasonable and some are really murah. So I might as well start saving now. I’m hungry now, ada apple crumble downstairs which I bought a few weeks back, but haven’t got the strength to light up the oven. Hehe! Second semester starts next week, to be exact; in a day time. Oh! Right I went shopping yesterday and the day before. Wasn’t supposed to be like that, really. Malas ku explain.

my face looks funny; nevertheless, it's great to have the sun shining again (:

Oh, back to the summer tickets – I plan to travel around UK or anywhere, perhaps in July or August around that time. But surely I’ll be visiting Shaz in Liverpool – that’s if she’s really not going back home (:

Bibi and Nawi's Art Exhibition January 20th - makes me miss my art, left all the tools back at home (:

I’ll just upload random photos that I have not uploaded from random events I have not talked about, in between random spaces. The only food I’ve consumed since I got out of bed’s a small tub of yoghurt and a tiny orange. I really should be eating something REAL after this post, you see.

I think this was a morning before the Winter Games in London last December

A few days ago Nisah and I went out to dengani Jimmy get a haircut. So I was flipping through the pages of them magazines – I really, really want to cut my hair real bad. And for my hair it’ll cost over 30 pounds? Normal price. But as hell. I get bored easily, needs new things, new this and that. Consistency bores me, so things has to change or be better. Ah the thing holding me back from chopping my hair is pasal it isn’t even, the back side is shorter, so I’m waiting for that part to grow long enough (a long way to go) for me to get it cut ideally.

Khairul and Joel are out to the City to shop around, they asked if Nisah and I would like to join, it would be nice though. Tapi, sebab aku malas kan mandi, so inda. And not because I do not want to shop or has no reason to shop. I loveeeeee pergi jalan dengani orang shopping, so much fun. I fancy looking at GORGEOUS things, and gorgeous people (: (:

Boy I sure talk a lot. Okay, bah Assalamualaikum whoever! (:


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