first day of the second semester

I’ve got two books from Amazon coming this week (:

Just ordered the other one a few hours back. SO today’s the first day of the second semester. And I’ve just gotten my Introduction to Management formative test result in lecture today, and I’ve managed to be at the top of the class by getting 83% and my lecturer was like, “okay, so let’s see who’s the star” and then I got people clapping and cheers from the whole lecture theatre. PALOI, MALU WAH KU. A good feeling, though, can’t lie about that. TAPI MALU WAH KU. Well I just hope I keep up the good work, will work it. Anyway, will go dengani Nisah chop off her hair because according to her, it looks ‘betagar’ dan ‘berigali’ so she wants to chop off the betagar part of her hair, that’s if she doesn’t change her mind by Wednesday afternoon. HAHA!

Marketing today was alright, didn’t have lecture, just guidelines and inductions and a little bit of information how its going to be this semester, and there’ll be loads of seminars, and LOADS OF READING, this time the reading is non-optional. Required for them seminars and most importantly for the assignment. AH YES, ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT DUE MARCH. Everyone here expects me to be an anti-social again macam hariatu, locked in my room doing my assignments, and assignments and assignments. And I have to admit, I have a strong feeling I am going to be an anti-social lagi. Damn.

And for Statistics today. WHAT I SAW LOOKED LIKE HELL. The formulas and symbols look like, pictures and doodles to me. Doesn’t make sense, but I sure can make shit out of them. The formulas look like hell, and I told that to Victor and he said, “oh you can say that again” – ALWAYS. Lauri thinks it was alright, though. So anyway, esok aku ada Accounting aaaand, let me check. And Statistics tutorial, bah okay looks like I’ve got to read what they ‘learned’ today and in my case, what I witnessed – so Insyallah it’ll be alright esok, if I managed to understand what happened in lecture today (:



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