The Rules of Life

Hello and Assalamualaikum (:

I am going to cut my hair, maybe next week or tomorrow? I need something new, can’t buy any more random clothes, or shoes this month as I have promised myself. However, my very recent purchase of clothings and sports shoes are very much excused. Because I need them to keep the game on the courts 😉

I missed netball, it was an addiction and it’s hard to die. I realised, this is one of the few things I do with passion. Although I do not prefer to play netball every single day, because I have other priorities, such as my daily reading and revisions, which is very much a routine. And it’s hard to die as well.

Back to my hair. So this is how my hair is now, the length, the fabulosity and all – hahaha! 😉

So I am still going to keep it that long, sayang bah. I’m just going to put some layers on it, especially at the back, which I think is less fabulous. I do adore my hair now, but sometimes I complain because I want something new to look at. So I can say now, that I am at the state of uncertain, because I love my hair, and to spend shit amount on something I am still uncertain about, makes me think.

and somewhat, my confused smile. haha!

Damn, okay. I have to start reading my Innocent book for the sake of my assignment. Need to baca as much as I can. And the most I have read each day macam three pages sahaja before I start doing something else, or even sleep? Ah, my The Rules of Life book ada sudah, well I had to pay lagi for keeping it at the PO for a day. But it’s alright. Can’t wait until summer, so I can read the book. ATU BATAH! But yes I’m sure it has been well informed why, from how often I update the blog and from what my posts have been about. Goodnight! (:


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