as if (:

I have lost count of the number of blogs I have, and I don’t even update them the way I used to and letting the purpose of why I have them just slip, because I care about what people feel, because they always think its about them. And ask me now, why so many? Maybe, I was running away, hiding. And because letting things out, is not going to just end there, knowing it will be questioned. Just the thought of facing such interrogations, tires me. People ask for things, beyond what I would want to share. People ask, as if they understand, people assume as if they know everything. I am so exhausted. And trapped, somehow.

So I know, I haven’t been talking about what I have been going through. Letting all the happy posts up, and shoving all the painful thoughts low. I talk, I joke and I laugh with you, and I speak of my problems as if I don’t care, but what do you know?


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