Delta Force Paintball

Played paintball at Cramlington last Saturday, it was so much fun. We played the whole day, from 0900 hours to 1600 hours, a total of six, very seronok, games. I got shot in the ass, my legs, my thigh, my chest, etc. I got marks on both of my legs, and thighs. One swollen one is already turning green now. No pain, no game. I was wearing my bubble jacket, so arah my body, indada marks, but it was painful when I got shot, regardless of having my bubble jacket on. And Deco got shot in the neck, and it’s a real bad  (not that bad lah, just.. only when compared to us – normal paintball bruise) bruise, he was shot arah his neck and it bled a little. But he’s alright. And I got all muddy, and stinky, well – everyone was bebau and muddy and had SUCH A SIUK TIME!

Brunei Newcastle Society at Delta Force Paintball di Cramlington, it was in accordance to the 26th Brunei National Day Celebration (:

train to Cramligton - a 12 minutes ride from the city, we so crassy, my crassy girl

on our way to Cramlington, and this is Joel Rahman, my homeboy brother, who lives a wall away from my room (:

this was taken di Cramlington just once we got off the train

di Cramlington sudah, and on the bus, on our way to Delta Force - not quite sure how long was the bus ride though, cos I was busy taking pictures (:

Anisah Samuil, Atiqah Ismail & Mann Zakaria - we White Commandos 😉

those smiling faces say it all (:

we all had to wait for an hour until the train back to the city sampai, and of course in the meantime we became temporarily retarded (:

I was supposed to post this up last night, but I really needed my sleep sebab aku ada lectures the next morning. And my Monday was great today, and I managed to get a 100% on my Statistics assessment again. Alhamdulillah (:

There will be no Management lectures for two weeks starting on Friday cos my lecturer will be teaching a Master programme in Spain during the time scale. And my Accounts exam results aren’t out yet, atu batah. So, there are more photos of the Paintball trip on Facebook of course.

With the LOVE of love,


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