Oh bulan

Assalamualaikum (:

Aku baru siap doing my statistics exercise. To be exact, copying back what I scribbled in tutorial tadi onto nice sheets of paper in a neater handwriting. And yet, of course, there is still more to do. My Innocent book reading. The other statistics exercises, which I yet have to do myself. And not forgetting Manchester this weekend, is going to murder me. I have to finish the book by this week, seminar starts next week.

And what am I doing? Updating the blog hourly now? Tsk. So I finally got my muddy and stinking clothes into the washing machine tonight, and they are still in the machine right now. Just made them spin in there for the third time in sequence. Has got to get them completely clean, and smelling nice and fresh and everything marvellous. And I also got my shoes soaked in a detergent water. Oh so happy (:

Okay so this was just now. And I actually recorded myself, which I have never done before. Pretty a weird thing for me to do. Minus the videos with other people in it, now that’s a whole lot of a different story. But I can’t be bothered to post them up, its enough that I killed my own boredom and laughed at myself. And I don’t really laugh at myself, but I played around with the movie maker, this and that, so yeah.

I only have one lecture esok, which will as well be the last lecture by Dr. Liz Jackson on Marketing before Deborah Forbes takes over and she said we’d be doing something fun tomorrow..? Okay, cut it out. Attend the lecture. And I need to get some toilet paper rolls (:

With love,

Oh bulan (:


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