Manchester Part I

Assalamualaikum and I have been really hyper lately (:

I’m just happy for life I suppose. So I spent last weekend in Manchester and yes I had a great time. The journey from Newcastle to York wasn’t so bad although we stood for an hour or so dalam train, sebab there were people blocking the path whereby it was impossible to even ask the person in front of us to move so we can pass. But it was alright, because we had each other to keep ourselves entertained. At a certain stop during the journey the train was a little bit clearer with less people blocking our way to move forward to search for our reserved seats, but when we found our seats, there were human beings on them, but we couldn’t be bothered too much, so we went back to where we were standing (which was also taken by a bunch of guys, so we stood elsewhere) before.

Our train had a change which required us to change trains in York and it was crazy cos we had to run to catch the train to Manchester and on top of that we had our luggages? So we were running up and down the stairs to get to the other platform and run like a wild boar and onto a packed train. It was like a less-hellish version of what happened in London last December, motherfucker. I definitely dislike rushing. Oh, we didn’t run  because we were late, because the time-gap was so crap, everyone was running.

on the train from York to Manchester which took more or less an hour, an hour-ish I think?

And yes we sat on the train to Manchester, which journey took another hour plus. And we reached Manchester at 8 ish (:

so Izzah picked us up di Manchester Oxford Road and we stayed at her place sampai Sunday which I appreciate so much (:

Oh Az and Thar stayed at Izzah’s too, which was really great. So anyway, the next morning Nisah and I pergi Subway and had meatballs before pergi ke Dance Theatre to attend the BruManch Talentime lalala (:

one morning in Manchester we had meatballs!

Oh my god I need to drink. Aku belum minum apa-apa today and its 6 in the evening? But anyway, to sum up Manchester – it was great. Will definitely pergi there again, cos I didn’t get to go around the city berabis, only a part of  the city – and by that time pun the kedai tutup sudah. And Old Trafford. And definitely, the Manchester Museum which I was really excited to go. Because I saw this gigantic crab, or lobster? Sea creature? Whatever it was, but it was some sort of a crustacean, and it was HUGE and definitely larger than I am. Tetapi due to time constrain we didn’t get to go.

Sebab kedai buka akhir and tutup awal on Sundays – and we woke up at noon? And then hantar Az train station and then lunch, so next time saja (:

If this was a marked summary on my trip to Manchester I’d probably get a 40% or 35% haha! This is like a crappy summary with quite a number of details missing, so TO BE CONTINUED…

Sebab aku ada test esok, and I have got to pee now.


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