Tha’ haiyerr in tha’ ayer..

Before I start story-story you about my hair – Assalamualaikum (:

And yes I am not going to sambung my Manchester story, because I don’t want to. SO I’VE GOT HIGHLOIGHTS ON MA HAIYER! And a dark brown base. I actually wanted the highlights to be slightly-light brown in colour, tetapi it looks, coppery? But whatever, the guys think its lawa. And I don’t really care, as long as I’ve got something new to look at (:

I realise this, if I’m not spending on clothes, I will spend on my hair, if it ain’t my hair then I will spend on skin products? I bought myself a container of body butter, of vanilla extracts. It smells so extremely great and yummy. Okay, nothing new really I smell like vanilla anyway, most of the time. So my highlights cost me 50.90 ‘god damn’ and it is almost equivalent to a train or a ‘cheap’ plane ticket to Paris la boi.. And I think I spent forever at the salon, cos I had to wait for 45 minutes until its my turn, and another lengthy time period to get the whole process of applying the stuff on my hair, the process of waiting like a car (cos there were two pieces of aluminium foil, extending on each  side of my head) and flipping through the same magazine four times in total, and the process of rinsing my hair which was uncomfortable, and then waiting some more for I don’t know what with the towel on my head. And then, getting it dried off, blow-dried and straightened a bit (which I still wouldn’t agree with if the hairdresser asked, but couldn’t be bothered at that time) – so Anisah and Mann who came to accompany me, and myself, spent probably almost 3 hours at the salon? I’m not quite sure though, but it felt like 3 hours. Oh this video, watch and listen, cali and entertaining(:

And I missed my accounting lecture lagi tadi, for 2 or 3 times in a row? And I am currently in the living room, practically moved here, got my pillows, got my heater, got my books, my blanket, etc. And yes I’ve got the kitchen. Ah right, baru ku ingat, ada slug on the kitchen counter, and its fat! Also, my economics test hariatu, it wasn’t easy. The results belum ada (:


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