oh my goodness


And I bought a hair straightener. And why would I want to straighten my currently straight hair? And that’s 30 pounds. I was supposed to get a hair dryer or another curling thong with a larger barrel. And HAIR STRAIGHTENER? Bah okay lah. What’s bought is bought, maybe I need them to re-define my highlights? Just in case my hair goes wild.

And I bought this bag, it looks so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, and its 6 pounds sahaja!? Holy crap, right? And it’s huge enough for my file to fit. Awesome kan? But I’ve seen a couple of people pakai the bag, because it’s Primark and I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, PASAL FILES KU MUAT! And it’s got butterflies on them. Pretty! So I have not visited Primark since November so today was the first time I visited it and it was crowded as usual. But the only difference since I last came is that now it’s got more spring clothings, and more flowery-flowery prints, and last time banyak coats, cardigans, jackets and anything wintery (:

And the rest, spent it on things I don’t even have any reason at all to buy other than ‘because I want to’ – my impulse shopping addiction is eating the shit out of me. But I did great wah last month, and I thought not reaching to an agreement with myself this month would be okay; because that’s what I did, I promised not to beli baju or shop like a whacko. And now, in the last three days I’ve spent 300 pounds-ish. And that’s just in three days, kalau 5 days, around 400 pounds? Tetapi the 200 included is okay lah, sebab atu rent.

So now, I have reached to my conclusion, that I again, promise myself will not shop based on impulse again for the month of March starting from today (:


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