Once again, my suffering from this damned insomnia, is keeping me wide awake. Struggling in my own blanket trying to sooth myself to sleep. Or was it that coffee I had a few hours ago actually worked it’s way in my system? But really I feel calm, in the serenity of an almost 4 o’clock Newcastle morning. I could hear Joel at the side of this wall, talking to somebody on Skype. Yesterday was one of those days, where I just need to chill. I was moody yesterday, because I spent the precious hours on Facebook repeatedly and subconsciously clicking home and profile and back again, rather than starting on my assignment due before the Easter break. And I had a somewhat, mild headache this afternoon as well, a generous contribution to my crap little mood.

Khairul called last night for some help on his assignment, which was on Marketing so I guess he’s right about calling me on that one. But wrong timing. I am planning to offer whatever I could to him tomorrow, however. Insyallah. Anyhow I am alright now that I have done what I was supposed to do (:

I feel so light in a way, and I am thinking right. Not that I’ve been insane all this while, it’s just the time when I have found the space, to let my mind go completely blank. Nothing. Just space, and it’s nice. Those things that used to be vague and kept ambiguous are now clearer. The things that I have told in such reticence before, which I could have said and explained better, are now explainable.


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