i feel so lame

I feel like such a loser, what am I doing stalking somebody I don’t even know, dropping by her super inactive blog on a daily basis? Oh yes I would call that stalking. And on top of that, with no sense of purpose, or not even the blog content is ever entertaining and neither was I looking for something specific. How retarded is that? That is equivalent to stalking an object, just looking and staring at a lemon on a table on a daily basis. And I miss painting, my artworks and especially, and on top of everything else artistic I miss the creation of art. I left all my tools back in Brunei and here I am not quite sure where to get them, yet – because I was never specifically looking for them.

I feel like surrendering myself to the bed and just doze off. I slept at 4am again last night, we watched Legion next door which finished at 3 something. Okay so I have showered, and I think I’d love to go back to sleep. I be best waking up at 10 later, and its 9:30 now? Alright… I don’t really get the point. Anyway we’re going to go bowling at Metro later at 12 (:


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