BNS Bowling Tournament 2010

I’m so glad that I haven’t made any confirmed plans for Easter yet, besides the Bradford and Nottingham netball trips, need them anyway I could die without netball nowadays, my May-June exams timetable has just given me a mental vision of me going insane. So I could change my fate by just staying in Newcastle and read my stuff.

And so we went bowling, and our group won the third place for overall totals. But I had the lowest total of all. I mean ALL as in everyone who joined. I suck bad. But really I couldn’t be bothered, and what’s cool? WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! And I had KFC for the first time ever in GREAT BRITAIN!

Ajim and the girlfriend Ain

And I have been playing that ‘Save Me from Myself’ song on a loop, so it’s been going on ever since this machine’s turned on for almost two hours ago. And so speaking of today, looking back at the shopping list I wrote down in my Marketing Diary and what I bought at Boots after lecture today, original list says: shower gel, hair products, razors and nail polish (don’t ask me why do I even have that on my list) and my receipt says, hair products (check!), vanilla body lotion, nail polish (x2) and razors (check!) – and now that makes me own 5 different types of body lotions. Seriously, impulse buying. Okay so anyway, these are the pictures from the BNS Bowling Tournament 2010 and so yeah (:

Khairul, Mann Zakaria, Anisah Samuil, Wan, and yang baju hijau atu Nazeem, haha! And then Rusdi and Pang Ji - the one in black (:

So back to what I was saying, today, and my list of things to do at the university: print statistics notes, print answers to MCQ second class test (which was bad as shit), print management lecture, print accounting lecture notes. And I printed them all and also printed some other stuffs too, and to find out I was running on an overdraft of 34 pence, so I topped up and continued my printing job. I think I shall retire from all this cyber nonsense for a while, to keep it simple, no Facebook please (:

Atik came over from Keele again, for the second time in two months? Haha! And I heard some Keele people are coming this week as well? Well anyway, ia balik on Sunday afternoon cause she had a concert to attend. And I forgot how much did her ticket cost her, but I do remember it was some figure in between 50 to 70 pounds. Hoo!

me and my homeboy Joel Rahman and Atik Samad all the way from Keele baby!

And so these are pretty much ALMOST everyone, there were some brothers and sisters who couldn’t make it. And lepas atu kami pergi makan KFC halal and pergi watch the guys gunting rambut. And they were paranoid about chopping off their hair. HEHE! Cali (:

Well the other hundreds and hundreds of pictures from the BNS Bowling Tourney’s on Facebook of course, it’s all over my profile.. Internet connection is so slow right now.


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