today and the KFC thing

I missed my Wednesday lecture again today. Macam apa sudah. But I am still mad at myself for letting it slip. So now I have missed the Wednesday lecture for 5 weeks in a row. Astaghfirullahalazim. What is going on..? Jimmy, Nisah, Mansur and I went to Tesco at 12 midnight last night to do the groceries, it’s open 24 hours, and we got back home around 2am and I slept at 5am, so maybe that should be a decent enough reason to why I overslept. I really wanted to attend this lecture so bad – and still jalan pagi-pagi. Ignorance. And I get really frustrated with myself when that happens. And today is one of the days.

We now have a KFC branch which offers halal meals now, so like I said in my previous post, we ate there last Saturday after bowling (:

but they say, the KFC yang di Brunei lagi nyaman, but honestly I don't really know, food is food, and I eat food? Really, inda ku tahu the difference bah sebenarnya. All I know, aku happy ada KFC halal (:

And of course, we snapped lots and lots of photos (:

I could really roll my eyes if anybody’s actually surprised by the amount of pictures we took. I don’t fancy looking at hundreds of my smiling and retarded face expressions, so I don’t expect anybody to fancy doing so. Therefore aku upload sikit saja gambar (:

"oh I am so fabulous like this"

Okay Assalamualaikum! And I shall resume to doing my assignment yang due next week, and I could temporarily die any day between today and the due date. Sebab aku ada assessment jua to be done this week! (: (: (: (:


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