the Last Night story

What a night. I woke up in the middle of the night, to find my dear house mate crying outside my bedroom door. I was glad I didn’t experience even the slightest touch of panic at the sight of a man in tears. So they broke up again, everyone knows they at least break up at least once a month, so I had no reason to be all pretentious and act surprised. But of course I feel bad I don’t like anybody especially him, whom I see like my little brother, get hurt. I don’t know why this time it looked a little bit real, maybe because he was crying so bad right in front of me, or because it was the first time he came knocking on my door. But I am somehow thankful that he did, to know that somebody actually would turn to me at times like that. So, talk and talk and talk and talk, it has got something to do with me. So I called the girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend? Whichever it is now, so I talked to her. And unfortunately, she dragged one of our homeboys into their break-up story as well. No I hadn’t flinched at anything about this, because all of these, are just plain ridiculous.

I think I am going to stop right there, before fire sparks some place else. So much affairs going on.

Our kitchen stinks real bad, any liquid or food that goes into the sink, would drain down the pipe.. and into the cupboard underneath. So really, the pipe leaks. Instead of draining whatever crap outside or where it’s supposed to go, it drains in the cupboard. So Jimmy’s been telling the rest not to wash the dishes there, but most of us just can’t be bothered, and say something in between ‘malas tah ku ingau’ and ‘biar tia si Jawal bersihkan’ – so, washing the dishes makes the kitchen reeks shit, and leaving dirty dishes all over the kitchen makes the kitchen reeks shit too. And Jawal is our landlord, who never comes to fix things (and if we’re lucky enough, he would, but on a later date) and happily comes when it comes to collecting the rent.

I went to the library yesterday, hoping I’d stay up until late, but I spent just 15 minutes and almost fell asleep. Assalamualaikum!


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