baby, it makes you fly (updated)

People tend to ask what exactly happened, why, why, why, why, and some more why?

I have gained the fluency to answer a variety of ‘why’ questions without errs and hesitations. Without blaming anybody. And so I said, because I was tired of playing on my own, it’s not a game for one.

And it’s not a game of responsibility, it’s all sincerity and trust. When one thinks that you are not doing a certain thing, because one’s philosophy of love mainly consists of responsibilities of what a girlfriend should do and shouldn’t do. It dies. It’s not a job, and it is not ignorance nor negligence. When there is responsibility, it becomes a burden, and when it is not done, you get the blames and the guilts, and since when is love a burden? And suddenly it’s so negative, that it no longer soothes you.

When only the memory makes you smile, and when only the flashbacks make you laugh, then you start to wonder why you keep on turning back to the older days to keep you high? Because it no longer exist in the now to make you feel so magical.

And you will know that it was not love; that when it ends, you feel free, instead of lost. Love makes you feel free in the first place, it makes you fly, it makes you high. And it makes you smile (:

With love,
Atiqah Ismail


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