i’m so in the library, man!

People from Keele are practically coming to Newcastle on a monthly basis now. And the ones who came to visit (and are planning to come again next month, and are taking more people?) last weekend, really had such a wonderful time here, and I am so glad they had fun, although I pretty much missed a lot of madness, because I was busy doing, of course, my assignment. And Atik will be coming back again next month, for the third time in three months? On top of everything, netball yesterday was so awesome. I love netball, and I am currently in the library now, for 3 hours so far, and will be staying much longer, and I plan to finish question 3 before surrendering to the comfort of my home. Well now that Lauri and I have discussed question 3 together just half an hour ago, it isn’t going to be so pleasant. They had lecture covering the Competitor Analysis framework last week, which is pretty much what question 3 wants, and I missed it (because I hardly managed to roll out of bed) -and seriously I shouldn’t be pissed at myself that much for missing that lecture, because Lauri said they or he didn’t get anything much out of it. And it contributed nothing to help our assignment, and I thought Deborah’s crap lecture is, in fact, a really crap lecture. And Lauri actually agreed with me on that one, she is crap.

Back to the assignment now, bye! Assalamualaikum (:


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