some 500 words worth of inferior report

I am not supposed to be doing this right now with the time constraint I am subject to, but it’s just ridiculous. The word limit of 500 words for a PESTEL analysis is just crazy! How the crap am I supposed to analyse an external environment of some company in 500 words, and expect myself to cover all the 6 major areas and stick to 500 words? I am caught in between of doing a crappy and simple 500 words report, and a well-constructed, detailed report of 800 words. I am now from that 800 words, chopping off so many words and information into a very crappy looking report that now sounds like shit. Because I am not used to doing crappy reports, so I am panicking at the sight of a crappy looking assignment, and what’s worse I can’t believe it’s my WORK that I’m reading, and it makes me think the writer is some ignorant student, who doesn’t care,  and what’s so special about that is, it’s written by me – YOU CAN’T DO A PESTEL ANALYSIS IN 500 WORDS AND EXPECT IT TO BE A FANTASTIC MASTERPIECE, MAN! It’s just utterly impossible!


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