there goes the left one too

Such an unfortunate luck, my right hand is already damn fragile, and yesterday I sprained my left one and it is all bloated now, and it may take time to recover. It’s swollen. And I can’t even unhook my own bra, swear to god. I can lah, but it takes time, and it takes some flinches and pain. I have tried out that Veggie Pot by Innocent, and to be honest, it doesn’t taste so tasty. I will never buy Veggie Pot ever again. I feel so sleepy, and I think we all did great in Bradford yesterday, everything was good except for the part that there were so many injuries yesterday that Liya fractured her finger, and Aida sprained her ankle and I sprained my thumb and the swell (and pain) now spreads onto my palm. So back to my hand, how the crap am I supposed to catch the ball? I can jump and run though, but can I catch? I hope it gets better tomorrow, but I know there won’t be a rest for my hand to fully recover in 5 days time before the Nottingham games, because we have practice everyday, and I will be utilising my hand every single day. But I just hope, I hope it will get better soon insyAllah and so I think I’m hoing to head out now and jog. I need to develop my stamina to a racehorse standard (:


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