my ligament story

…bukan aku tak pernah mengerti dirimu, ku sanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku. Hilangkan rasa itu, akhirkan semua, dan bila kau sedar aku hilang dari kewujudan ♥

Assalamualaikum (:

So I jogged non-stop for an hour just now, was it 5 or 6 kilometres? I didn’t know I was capable of that.  On the treadmill though, but still. I jogged, and I felt good. And ate probably 4 slices of pizza tonight? Damn. What the hell, right? Haha. But it was all for the stamina, and I’m not aiming to lose weight, so screw it. And I went to Northumbria sports centre for netball this evening, which I knew I wasn’t supposed to play, because my hand was in great pain, but netball was really tempting. I can’t just stand and watch the game or stay at home knowing that I can play if I want to. And my hand was purplish blue and greenish, and sore. Well Kiki and Rusdi actually said I shouldn’t play. But… yeah. Oh well. I hurt my hand when catching the ball, like, five minutes into the game? And I cried in pain, and Aida took me to the general hospital. Long story short, got x-rayed and the doctor said it looks okay, but my ligament is not intact, and it (torn ligament?) hit my nerves or was it veins – I forgot, but whichever had contributed more to the pain and the clot. I have plasters covering my whole thumb and 1/3 of my palm now, making my thumb so stiff and putting it right up into a syabas thumb gesture. And be best that I buka the plaster after 5 to 6 days the doctor said, so I won’t be able to move my thumb until then. But it feels safe, my thumb being unmovable like that. It’s been so painful to do all the regular stuff, simple things like pulling up my blanket?

And about netball, which I have told the doctor about the upcoming Nottingham games, and she said it won’t be such a good idea to play, and give it a rest at least and get it checked again after 10-11 days. Nottingham is quite vague for me right now. And I hope it gets well in a few days time, so I can get back to netball, and playyyyyyy! InsyAllah. I will still jog as much as I can, just in case it recovers sooner. But for now I hope Nadz, Liya and Ka Lynna can find somebody else to replace me to play centre for the time being, which I think Nadz was panicking tadi..

I am actually a little sad, but Alhamdulillah it could have been worse. I want to play really bad next week.. And a ligament is, by the way, the tissue which connects my bones and structure together. And imagine my ligament is koyak right now, so that’s what is going on.

And I am very appreciative for all the concerns tadi, masyAllah – such an amazing family I have here (:


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