say, lalala and hello there!

I need to go out and get some stuffs, like:

  • Bandage, if we are really going to play netball any of these days, my left hand still demands protection
  • Accessories, unnecessary? Okay, optional. However strictly, no more clothes. Insyallah!
  • A pair of sandals (:
  • A pair of flats
  • Postcards for the loved ones
  • Hair products
  • Get pencil case at Bibi’s place
  • Art stuff, greatly needed ):

Although the only important things are bandage and.. just the bandage? And my pencil case. So now I shall get back to my assignment. I practically slept almost the whole day today, because it was raining so heavily in the afternoon, and the weather was just perfect for snuggling in the bed. Assalamualaikum (:

And really I can’t think of any suitable title as usual, so whatever pops in my head, goes. I will post up photos in Nottingham some day, waiting for Hifney to upload them, and unfortunately I did not bring my camera because Jimmy has my memory card, was really disappointed about that though, damn it, but yeah, oh well ):


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