How was shopping today? FAIL. FAIL. FAIL! Not that I failed to shop; oh yes I shopped, I shopped as if my father owns a cash producing machine. And the only one important thing I was to get was a bandage, and I only remembered about it after spending £100+ on accessories, clothes, hair maintenance and cotton pads? And my art stuff, really should be getting them. I was throwing my self at retail therapy for one of the most fucked up night of my life, and one great disappointment. I previously lent my memory card to my friend, excuse me but from my personal view I knew how irresponsible he can be, but the trust I have for him to take good care of other people’s things was there, and it was my camera’s memory card, and no body, no body messes with anything related to my camera.

Asked him for it once, even before Nottingham games, nothing. Asked him some more, nothing. I even went through his girlfriend to so he gets what I mean. And then yeah, finally got it last night, and what? To find it empty. That got me slightly, just slightly upset. Asked him, he said he doesn’t know. But I didn’t care much, because I was going to throw away a bunch of photos from it anyway. Then I inserted it to my camera, and although my camera detected it, but it isn’t working with the card, because the folder is gone. Really pissed me off, and I am still disappointed at his irresponsibility, at the trust I gave him – you think I just let people borrow or even touch anything that is related to my camera? No. Hence once I give you that trust, its an honour. And you want to play? It’s not a toy. GET YOUR FUCKING OWN. Yes I am still pissed.

I am still not ready to even talk to him. And I have been isolating myself from everyone. That bad. Don’t mess with my camera, you can mess with my phone, mess with my hair, mess with my food. Don’t fucking mess with my camera. And because that card is specifically for my camera, and I am most upset rather at the irresponsible person who created the mess than at my memory card.

Because of trust. And I am not buying any reasons, of I don’t knows, or this and that. I don’t care. It has never happened, and it couldn’t have happened if the card was not lent.


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