yesterday today

I feel closer to god, Alhamdulillah. Assalamualaikum (:

Some things are just too magnificent and too complex to reveal to others, that it is better left unsaid. So today, to summarise, a very unproductive day, and tomorrow would be much worse, that I just want to go to the library and hide myself. I just want to stuff my face in books, read and revise. My new friends from Keele are coming and they’re setting me up on a date with Anuar which I hope wouldn’t be awkward?

I have something in mind, something I would like to think about. But I forgot.

Okay that was yesterday, had it on draft, and this is TODAY (:

So anyway we’re going to watch a movie later on with the guys, and Nisah’s boyfriend, Alif balik ke Portsmouth today, later at five? And some others from Keele will be arriving today too. And I have to go and get back to my assignment as soon as possible, I’ve left it untouched for almost 2 weeks, despite the number of attempts I made to approach my statistics assignment, and I yet have revisions to go through. And oh my god. There is no connection right now, not cool, man. Don’t think I’d be bothered to go downstairs and reset the router. I am craving for fried black pepper squid, crispy and yummy. Masyallah, sedap bro! I could get that at Gekko (we had lunch sana yesterday, bless) and China Town Express, oh so good. And a few days back the ladies and I had dinner at St. Sushi and of course it’s either I use a spoon or stab my food with the chop stick and eat in peace.

I think I better get ready now, and then maybe, just maybe if sempat, aku sambung buat assignment. Insyallah! (:


One thought on “yesterday today

  1. hey make your assignment ! haha xD

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