What am I doing still up, with my laundry in the machine, wearing an oversize white t-shirt inside-out, on my laptop at 5 in the morning? And I will be having a completely busy day ahead of me, chaotic, the BIA career exhibition, the this the that. And I met Anuar last night finally, after his 2nd night in Newcastle and staying just next door? I have been such a busy, busy girl. And he’s taking me out for dinner later (:

Actually I have got a lot more to say, to let out and spill, but I am just too sleepy, and if I didn’t have anything crazy going on tomorrow I would actually stay up and say it all. But yeah, nevermind (:

Ah this picture was taken a few days ago. Oh! Since my last post said that kami tengok movie, correction, we did not, it was full so we went jalan-jalan and I bought a £70 coat, its a Lipsy London and it’s gorgeous, although I really do not know what am I going to do with my other coats, bawa and pakai di Brunei kali? But come to think of it I have 2 more years, so maybe I am likely not to buy any more coats in the future. Good investment. And instead kami tengok wayang on Saturday – Clash of the Titans (3D) and I bet it’s banned in Brunei, I don’t know?

And I have been popping pimples off my face like whatever, but really don’t care what awaits later today. And I am still within the reach of PMS attack, but yesterday it did nothing, maybe because I was doing my assignment the whole day, and it maybe kept me at peace the whole day, so PMS didn’t show up. I need to sleep dude. Hope tomorrow would be a little bit relaxed and.. Interesting? Assalamualaikum (:


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