mmmmm (:

Andy took me to Marco Polo last night, candle light (lawa place) it was awesome, it was a little awkward on my part, and I just hope I didn’t bore him and I had something like just talk, woman going on in my head, but na! And instead I was listening so hard so that I don’t lose out on his very fast British-accented English (which made me think that I have to mingle with the locals more) and by the time I wanted to respond I was mentally tired to say anything. And it’s cool to actually discover an English guy who doesn’t drink. I had a fun and interesting night (:

Oh, and I ordered carbonarra something something, and it had meat in it, aku lupa ada meat, so I had to separate my pasta from the meat, cali (x

My books from arrived this morning, and yet I still have no clue on when to actually read what I bought, and one of the books that I bought was The Quran by Oxford World’s Classic I think – okay, wait aku check, karang inda pedah-pedah kena sue, okay, correcto (:

Andy and Ian balik ke Keele today, while Atik balik esok and Izza on the 11th – and OH! WE CLEANED THE KITCHEN NEXT DOOR! It’s such a great thing if you know how the kitchen is usually like every single day, and now it’s all shiny, and what’s greater?  Bibi, Nisah and aku bersihkan like, pukul 1 pagi. Atu puas hati meliat. And we found fungus in a couple of different places.

And I shopped today, bought a hair magazine and facial toner, and ah.. this supplement thing, let me check, primrose oil capsules, “helps support healthy skin & normal menstrual heath” yeah – and dissapointment of the day was, aku beli baju. And I promise myself not to buy any more clothes this month and next month (:

Gotta get back to my assignment, after 2 days break. Not cool. And my room is such a mess, swear. Assalamualaikum (:


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