so good (:

Left Bedson at 5 am this morning – and streaks of blue were already showing in the sky as I stepped out of the taxi as I reached home, damn, some hardcore reading? I am still not quite sure, don’t think I’ve done enough. I will get right back to my infamous hobby (if you know me well, or if you are smart enough, you know what it is) after this. Insyallah (:

I have just finished taking my shower about half an hour ago, I’ve stirred my coffee, I’ve ate my bowl of sweet corn. I’ve dumped a huge pile of clothes into the machine, I’ve happily swallowed my Primrose Oil capsule. Peacefully sipping on my very creamy coffee. Oh sedap! Masyallah. And thinking whether I should start revising accounts or keep reading management? Maybe a little bit of management, and then proceed to accounts (:

I do not know why do I feel, somehow – happy? My heart is racing and jumping, and I feel so calm. Maybe it’s just the coffee.

Or maybe, simply, because nothing is bothering me, and because..  Ah, never mind. I feel so free (:


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