It has been a while (:

I don’t know what brought me here. Back to you. Maybe everything around me, just like how it used to be. It’s been a while since.

But you’ve became a stranger to me. That’s  how it ended anyway. You weren’t the same person I once adored. It was as if you died, and then a part of me died, then the feelings died. We died. I lost you. Lost you somewhere in the miles apart. It could have been worse, where I couldn’t even look at any trace of you, could’ve ended in rage and anger. But no. It’s amazing that I can still look at your photos, still up on my wall on display, and how I still cherish our memories. I had so many plans for us, so many things I wanted to do, the things I thought I could do just to see you smile and happy, but I guess it was to soon, time was faster, or was it us that had collapsed down the road sooner? That I had lost every single breath to launch them. Impatience had murdered us, it killed me. I’ve never had the chance to thank you, for the times we had, the laughs we shared, the jokes that only both of us knew, and the places – just the invisible footprints of ours. For the memories (:

It was beautiful. Smile for me (:


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