Hmm (:

I thought I’d start all over again, in fact I broke down silently in my head, and making myself feel bad over things I can actually avoid. No I am not in London because Joel and I didn’t feel like it. Which we both happened to be keeping our disinterested-minds to ourselves until the last hours, then he at last admitted he didn’t want to go, which in fact I was really not up to it as well. A day trip, leaving at 11 and arriving at 6 in the morning, and then leaving at 4 and I bet we’d be back in Newcastle by 11 or 12 midnight and lectures commence on Monday – wouldn’t be so great huh? (:

Well he’s going to IB me back my money. Oh, I spent like 40+ pounds on grocery. Damn, and I have no guts to ask for contributions from my homies. I should be doing that or otherwise, suffer financially. I am in serious need to clean and tidy up my room, it was tidy a few days back, or was it only yesterday? Well I was packing for London earlier on, and was tossing clothes out of my wardrobe. Hangers and.. err, more hangers on the floor. And I’ve got empty water bottles, unfinished Doritos, irrelevant papers, books, and empty mugs and bowls, bottles of Vitamin C and supplement capsules, empty yoghurt container – on my table. And so much more. Messy I tell you.

And I am a bit disappointed in myself. I am not playing by my rules that I have mentally list out for myself. This is one different case, and I am in a different area of life which I have never thought I’d trip on, but oh well. Hence I cannot apply what I have been living on for the past 20 years to where I am standing now.  Thus go with the flow will not apply this time, I shall stick to my rules to go back to the flow. I cannot go wherever the wind takes me. Manoeuver. Be safe ♥

I think I shall move on to sorting out the mess in my room now? Despite the clock showing 0407 hours now. Will be back (:


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