I open my window so fresh air comes in. I haven’t slept, nothing new. This flu can actually suffocate me, and it’s been keeping me awake. My nose has pretty much lost its function, might as well have no nose. I’m high on tissue. I’ve been breathing in and out on tissue papers all day, otherwise I won’t be breathing at all. I am so sleepy, but I cannot sleep, because I cannot breathe with my mouth and sleep at the same time.

I shut close my window, the room is getting cold. I’ve stirred my coffee, and left it to cool a little. And I’ve got breakfast in a bowl, and I hope it tastes good. Okay, not bad. Exactly, what am I doing? I don’t know, but I do know I am obviously jobless, sleep deprived and my brain is functioning below average – probably due to the lack of oxygen it is taking in. And I am not in the mood to do anything like reading text books. And I am so LEMAS!


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