How are you? I’m getting better, and friends said I’ve lost weight, and aku mikin kurus. And I believed them, because I haven’t been eating much, haven’t been attracted to food for the past few days. Pasal aku demam atu kali? Maybe. And my nose’s constant attachment to tissue papers probably killed my appetite. Looks like it is easier for me to lose weight than to gain weight. But I don’t think I’ve lost weight la, think my face’s shrunk down to its Brunei version, I know I’ve gotten a little chubbier since I got here. I am hungry but I don’t have the appetite to eat. I have finished one worksheet – Alhamdulillah. I could hear the guys next door, could hear Jimmy’s music upstairs. Will go next door later on tonight, maybe.

I was so mad a couple of nights ago, so upset, and everything else. I have not felt that much anger in me in such a long time, but it felt so good. Only for a while. I cool off pretty easily don’t I? But doesn’t mean its okay (:


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