Beauterful sunny day

Ah. Beautiful sunny day. You know, I was wondering, why do our religious education ends in such an early stage of life, and it is so stagnant that everything they preach is so outdated? And there are so many things yet to learn. Their references are the pages of 20 year old text books written in ancient language. Or maybe they have been translated into much more simpler words. Praise the Lord for that. But wouldn’t it be nice if such references are advanced, and adapted to this screwed up world we live in now. Flexibility in adaptation. Why, the teachers, most of them, are so narrow-minded, in a little box. And do they even practice what they preach?  I don’t know why I am disappointed, in the negligence. Develop. Oh well, who am I to say? Anyway, guess I’m going to have to get back to my monetary policy reading. Ah so good (:


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