filth of the world

My posts have been dull, and I am very much aware of that. My eyes are always open and I see people at the verge of breaking down, some are just simply optimistic and just happy for the air they breathe in. And I guess I am in between, some days I feel so small, some days I feel too ubber jolly for the world that nothing else matters, and some days I feel just fine. There were days when my life seemed to just curl up in a ball, needing either isolation or company; and I wonder what had brought me there. Many of the things that have happened are unexpected, and the next thing you know it’s just right there before your eyes. There’s always something to learn from. My life is so screwed up, so messed up. This world is such a filthy place. That most people fail to see, or simply turn a blind eye, or perhaps they are so worn to this filth that they don’t see any wrong in the world. Sometimes I struggle to keep my grip on faith, sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed. But I am scared.


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