mama, i love you (:

Typical happy day today, always interesting. Reached an empty LT3 and a while later Lauri came in, we talked for a few minutes and 5 minutes later the room was still ours, and then realised Deborah moved the lecture to 11 o’clock (we were an hour early) so we went to get some coffee and teabreads. Oh so good! Sat in the bus today, nauseated by the breath of the man sitting next to me, and he finally got off one stop before mine, and I almost forgot to press the stop button, because I was too busy catching my breath in my new seat.

Met new people from ACE1031 today, Lottie and Tim (well I am not quite sure if I spelled them right) – Lottie is from near London and Tim’s from near Manchester. And they said we have good English – and then Lauri and Victor started to talk about English language in their countries. It amuses me that most Brits are amazed at how good a foreigner’s English is. I remember the early days of Victor and I – and he said I speak very good English, and in my head was just blankness and then, ‘what?’ – You have got to be kidding me, we Asians speak English too okay? Tell you what, most Bruneian youths nowadays speak fluent English better than our Malay language. Such a pity, shame that they suck at it. Oh hell, who am I to say, and look what language am I yapping in right now? But I speak Malay as fluently, so I rock (:

Victor was really pissed at Ema today.

I’ve just had my shower. And I have to submit my ACE1031 portfolio next week, and I am not even done with it. Will try to complete it by tonight, there isn’t much left for me to do. I think? Assalamualaikum (:


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