I find it difficult to utter vulgarity nowadays, see how much I’ve grown to be so civilised. I want to move my bed to one corner of my room, and I need a vacuum before I can proceed with my activity of re-decorating my room. Okay I don’t think I’ll be decorating at all. Simply moving a furniture to a place which would perhaps make my room look more spacey?

Problem identification and recognition. Do I have the time? Do I have the strength, to move my bed across the carpeted room? Friction, damn. I need to move my drawers first. And I know it’s overly heavy, hence there’s a need to empty the content of each drawer, and then, swoosh. Moved.

Okay I guess I’ll start looking for the vacuum now. I am so desperate for space now, so I can clutter some more mess on my then-spacious floor. And I am going to cut my hair tomorrow, for the third time in two months? And I am going to blacken my hair back to black. I am so excited! (: (: (:


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