Negative cravings

I still feel so mad. I am upset, and angry, and everything else. I feel so betrayed. Such a mess. The more I think, the more messy it gets. But what am I to do? They just pop up in my head, and all I can do is divert, divert, divert my mind. Those pop ups are absolutely difficult to avoid. I never thought it would affect me in anyway, but hey, look at me now.

Liars of the world. Motherfuckers like you don’t deserve my smile. My friendship? What for? I don’t trust you, I can’t believe you, I don’t even like you now. So so fake. Such a manipulative little bastard. You disgust me in every way. Don’t come near me, cos all I am capable of doing to you now is to hurt you. I can’t even look at you without the urge to burn you with my gaze. I am so full of fury. God, guide me.

Give me peace.


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