Watched Iron Man II tonight at the cinema, it was great I could say, and I have not even watched Iron Man I (:

Maneuver and maneuver some more each time you stray. You keep an eye on the right course, stay sharp. Be safe, smile at yourself, and don’t forget to smile at the world. Today I feel so brand new.

Reached the Armstrong building probably around 0930+ this morning, took my assignment, flipped through the pages and left. And flipped through some more. Another 1st class. Alhamdulillah. But I am really doubtful about my MAS1403 assignment, which I have quite a wild feeling that I’d get 2nd class. Lets not talk about that just yet, okay? A little bit nervous about this one, because I practically crapped at it. Didn’t put as much effort into it, don’t know what’d got into me at the time, but yes I sucked bad.

And this image below, is just beautiful. Maybe you don’t see what I see, but it is wonderful. The colours, the beauty and the everything (:

I had Monster tonight, and I’ve wasted all the energy on yapping crap. So much for thinking I’d give up on energy drinks, now I’ve had Red Bull, Relentless and now, Monster in my hands. Don’t like them personally, because I don’t drink carbonated drinks in the first place? But I guess I’ve been too desperate to stay awake. Guess now I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t work. Eh they do work, they keep me up and all energetic and hyped up. But do I really have that focus I seek to do my work. Nope, so hell no.

Better get moving, and do QM now. And perhaps tomorrow, stay at the university and kill myself while reading lecture slides? Sounds perfect (:


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