Patiently waiting for the bathroom. Maybe I should make coffee. Okay. I’ll be right back.


Okay I typed that down about 30 minutes ago, yes, made my coffee but then heard somebody (assuming Daus because I just know) walked out of the bathroom, so aku pergi mandi lah. Guess what I did to my hair, it’s all black now – OH I LOVE IT! ♥

I have been doing a lot of procrastinating. It saddens me. So what happened this morning.

Hopped on the bus, went upstairs, and sat near this old boy, well I can’t really say he’s a man, because he looks and dresses a bit like a boy? Or he’s just an awkward nerdy man I can say. And on the 5th second into my joyful bus ride I was already suffocating in my own seat. He was really smelly, and I don’t know what exactly made him give off that indescribable smell. And bukan the smell that you get when you sweat everyday and don’t shower for weeks. It’s a strange blergh smell. Felt a lump in my throat. I thought of the possibilities of me throwing up in the bus. I went downstairs and stood until the bus reached the city where I finally got off. And I even thought he smelled salty. Here I am, saying he smelled salty, and I can’t even help you imagine how salty smells like. All the way, walking to the university my mind busy processing what that smell was. Somewhat, it was like the smell of a damp cloth, in this case, its as if he showered with his clothes on, and dried it while sitting on the couch watching the TV for 3 days until it finally dried off. I never know, it was just such a strange, unattractive smell.


And that was waaaay hours ago. I lost interest halfway into the post so I left and started doing something more important, like, complete my portfolio? It still isn’t complete now.


That was probably about 45 minutes ago? I am so easily bored that I tend to come and go, and come back again. I was thinking about a number of things while I was doing my work, but I forgot. So anyway Mansur left me a book, arah my bedroom door last night, probably at 2 in the morning, cos I heard him come. And he wrote a few lines in Chinese on the very front page, which I yet have to figure out what the message says. The only thing I know is quai le but the rest is yet to unfold their meanings. And its my long time favourite book Matilda by Roald Dahl – well I am quite surprised he actually managed to pick that information up somewhere in our numerous conversations over the past months. I know I’ve mentioned it just once. Impressive.

I have to admit I was really impressed. Okay I have pretty much forgotten what I actually wanted to say, so goodbye. Assalamualaikum (:


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