sigh and sigh some more, with a (:

A very unproductive, happy day. It’s 0752 hours, the Sunday morning, and I’ve just reached home about half an hour ago, from Bedson clusters, supposedly absorbing at least 5 topics from that huge, purple economics textbook, but to no avail, it didn’t happen. Pretty much covered 1 and a half topic. And I was there since 10:30++ the previous night. And quite a lot of them brothers was there too, it was cool. Hadi and Mansur masih di Bedson when we left, but Hadi was playing poker on his laptop (:

Nisah and I had dinner at Lau’s 202 Buffet before heading off to Bedson – and that was probably my only meal yesterday, besides a piece of digestive biscuit yesterday afternoon. And I saw somebody who looked like Sufi di sana, enjoying his dinner. The person didn’t look identical to him though, but almost there. I think I probably stared at the person for a good 10 seconds, studying him, or rejecting my mind that says it’s him, or vice versa – funny I don’t remember why I was staring that long, what was I doing? Because the idea of me actually thinking it was him, and telling myself “no, it isn’t him” is just too silly of me. Like, hello? How can he suddenly be in Newcastle out of all places to be? Where is the logic, woman. I was so caught up I guess. Maybe I was just in awe, or simply, just staring. I hope Nisah wasn’t talking at the time, because the world had completely shut down for a while. I remembered I wanted to tell Nisah about it right after my mental paralysis, but I forgot what it was that kept me from saying anything.

And we ended up spending 3 hours at Lau’s with the last one hour sipping on green tea. I still feel strange every time I look at my own reflection, my black hair. Its intense brown actually, but it looks more like intense black to me. But hey I am happy, its just different and new. And I am loving it (:

When I reached home this morning, not long ago. The bathroom smelled like vomit. And the area outside the bathroom was reeking that awful smell, i.e. the area outside Khairul’s and Joel’s room, and my room. I doubt somebody got drunk and puked all over somewhere on the first floor of the house, because I found this blue cup with something that looks like 2-3 days old milk that’s turned solid. Well I am not quite sure about bad milk, so I blindly assume its 2-3 days old? So anyway I had to wash my face, so  the bathroom’s the most appropriate place to to carry out that task? Whether I like it or not. Sprayed that tiny space with air freshener, loads and loads of it, but the joy lasted for only a few seconds. But at that point I just couldn’t be bothered, washed my face and left.

I have so many things to say, really, banyak! I had such an interesting time. But I need my rest. I’ll be resuming my Chapter 26 of my economics book later on. I am not sleepy yet, that little can of Redbull actually works. But I have to tuck myself in bed, put my mind, and my eyes to rest. Oh right! We accidentally ate pork last night. We didn’t know (:

Hey, look outside, it’s a sunny Sunday morning! And look inside, I am off to bed (:


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