music from high above.

Bruneians simply love buffets, so it seems. Assalamualaikum. I have not slept since yesterday, why? I really don’t want to mention anything about that now, it could possibly ruin my mood. Some people are just so screwed up in the head that they’ve become senseless in their own ways. They’ve transformed into this inane, mindless creature that they’ve lost some of their fundamental senses. With a damn good knowledge of

  • the approaching exams
  • how these floors, ceilings and walls are far than sound proof
  • how people actually stay up at night just to revise
  • how I struggle to study with anything other than silence
  • how dumb and ignorant it is to play music at 4 in the morning

People who actually stays up all night, might want to sleep off those remaining hours they have before class, even a couple of hours would do. But with so much noise, and distraction, how AM I supposed to survive? I cannot study in my own room, and I cannot sleep in my own room. And I am paying rent every fucking month to listen to music that makes me feel like a potential murderer.

Alright! I think I have to stop here, because I am pissing myself off. And spitting out vulgarities is not very nice (:

And yes, the music is still on right now at 11pm as I type – forever kaliiii? And I can’t even be bothered to spell check or proof read what I just typed, if this whole chunk of text doesn’t make sense, then so be it.


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