another early morning post

It’s crazy how serious I’ve been in my posts. Aku inda cali lagi, aku sudah jadi lame nowadays, and apart from that aku jadi anti-social. Okay, am I trying so hard to create some funny lines that used to come so naturally about a year ago? Atu loser. What an embarrassment. But hey, how glad I am that there aren’t so many readers of this blog compared to the crazy numbers of people and stalkers reading my old blog a year-and-so ago – well, that was before my life officially sucked a proportion of light from my soul. I guess gloomy lines now come naturally, and they pop in my mind out of the blues. How fascinating is that.

So there are things that I want to put forward, but its 0540 on a Wednesday morning, and I am sleepy. So I guess not now, sebab aku mesti tidur as awal as I can so I can bangun as awal as before noon. Oh right Alhamdulillah I managed to cover 4 topics of strategic management, which I intend to cover the remaining topics covered in the first semester later on, once aku bangun from my sleep.

Don’t worry, be happy (:


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