Ah I guess I’ve done quite a workload today, but I could still say it still wasn’t enough. With the exams drawing nearer and nearer day by day, and all I do is sit back, relax while watching people live their lives through Twitter every minute of the day. Okay, that makes me sound like a complete fool. Exaggeration. I do revise, but its just not the same. Like, the way I used to back in college and high school? Where I became overly excited, that my heart used to pound so wildly against my chest, craving to know what questions’re on offer. It may sound unbelievable to some people. And that’s probably why I used to fake a groan or fear before the exams, instead of showing what was really going on in my mind. I’d be freaking people out.

But now, is something else. I am so screwed and yet I can still manage a smile. That’s how messed my revision is. And as if whining would postpone the exams or slow down time? It is now left to me to flip the pages against time. Atu hebat (:

I was chatting with this person a few seconds ago, and now I’ve signed out. I don’t know who he is, and because it is simply impossible not to remember somebody, because I don’t forget people that easily. So whoever that was I am so sorry stranger, I left without a goodbye. Goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. This is well written, and it’s strange to people hearing you can remain so optomistic even in times were everything is so complicated and going down hill, but that’s what makes life so beautiful.

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