I need some Beauty Sleep!

I just got home, and all settled down. Been in the library for the last, okay I don’t know how many hours, maybe after an espresso and a latte, and a Mac’s Fish Fillet at 4 in the morning? But for sure, since last night. And it’s 1310 hours now, and I’m eating Iceland’s Cod in Creamy Mushroom Sauce depan laptop – Masyallah, it is so FANTASTIC! I definitely would recommend this to people. And I am not willing to share this piece of cod with anyone, maybe on my second try I will. Hehe! Got it for £2 saja. And yes I am sleepy in fact, think I should get some sleep, and then get to work. Eh nyaman eh this sauce. And I wanted to get cough syrup, and guess what? Aku bali barang lain tia pulang, and I completely lupa ubat batuk and detergent. Okay, habis sudah cod ku (:

Need sleep. Need sleep. Need to rest this mind. This eyes, this throat so sore. And my Northumbrian homies are done, done with the year. They’ve been staying up in the library for days and days to complete their assignments, and somehow I feel the relief and joy too that its completely over now for them, regardless of how far off I am to getting done with this year. And how in deep shit I am. Need rest.

I look like a piece of… Crumpled paper? I feel messy. And like a blah? I better go.



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