fascinate me

If you want a rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain ♥

Sadness before happiness, challenges before victories. Happiness often ends in sadness, but then, you’ll start again. That cycle. But every time, it teaches you a lesson. And eventually, the cycle breaks, and you’ll find yourself, just happy. Because by that time, you’ll know how to happily and patiently put up with the crappy parts. I think I’m yapping on repeat.

I’ve just finished doing Interpretation of the Final Accounts, and dear lord, it wasn’t too fun. And I am still finding things vague. And what’s more unbelievable is that I’ve done this back in high school, and then in college. And I am still finding it troublesome to digest. But I’ll proceed onto something else now like, activity-based costing?

Right, so I forgot to mention, when I was microwaving that yummy cod I had for lunch yesterday, the plate I used broke into half. It’s so amazing that the break was clean, no shatters, no nothing – it simply broke into half. Exactly, half. And I took the pieces to my room, for me to gaze and smile at forever, in amazement. Such an interesting tragedy.

& today I've discovered that American robin has blue eggs, such an amazing fact isn't it? The world is so full of mysteries, for everyday I fascinate myself with the amazing facts of the world (:

I am so easily fascinated. Really, little things can make my day, or even days. The world makes me wonder anyway, such an interesting place to be. And I am damn scared of butterflies, they freak the living life out of me in many ways (:


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