Brighten up my day

I am so upset. Don’t know who’s to blame, those fat flies flying around like maniacs? The awful, horrid smell in the kitchen? The filthy sink, the unwashed dishes with leftovers, the food and garbage everywhere? The piled up garbage in the black plastic bag? The bits of sticky substances on the dirty counter? Or that greasy stove with greasy disgusting pans? Or that fridge that smells like shit? Or those “clean” dishes and utensils that look like people just eat pasta and cheese, and then simply rinse them for two seconds, and then place them on the dish drainer? And I can’t blame spring.

Why are boys so disgusting? Don’t flies annoy them? Don’t the smell of rotten fruits irritate them? Don’t the filthy sink and dishes make them want to vomit? Are you guys crippled or something, born lacking the sense of disgust? God guide them.

I was just about to joke about the kitchen last week, wanted to say “our kitchen is sexy” and now, it isn’t funny any more. I never thought a kitchen could be THAT dirty. I understand everyone has exams, but what is wrong with cleaning your own mess? Even my shit smells better. I think my palms are starting to dry up again. Lets go get some Starbucks coffee and treat ourselves with some Oreo cheesecake lovin (:

Don’t know how I’d rate my statistics exam yesterday, but at least I managed to finish all the questions, and Victor didn’t get to answer 3 questions, time management reasons. Don’t know how did Lauri do, he sounded happy though when he sent me a text after his stats exam. Let’s just wait and see. I turned in at 7 last night and I woke up happy at 8 this morning, until I set foot in the kitchen.

I actually have so much more to say, but the kitchen killed it. Hehe! Come on now, smile for me beautiful people (:


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