I have got to start my revision again, one exam down 4 more to go. I’ll revise for my last paper tonight, the least exciting. I need to rub lotion on my hands again, it feels so dry. My hands feel paperish.

Ah crap! Typed a chunk of text, trying to express myself, this emotions, and etceteras. I felt strange typing it down, so I read, frowned, typed some more, reread, sighed some more, until I’ve probably made no sense and gone blank. And now I suppose backspacing everything was a good idea. Trying to say something already so crystal clear but I kept going round and round in circle – because it felt strange and awkward. How the crap can I feel awkward writing something real in my own space?

The weather’s been hot and warm, and nightfall comes in late. And I think I’m suffocating in my own room, my heater’s on, need to dry my second batch of laundry this week. I could open my window, but flies and bees might get in. Okay lah, maybe not flies, they’d rather be in the kitchen. But I am not willing to jump around swatting insects. They weren’t around last autumn, last winter, early spring, just wonderful, but well hey now.

I want to see how summer looks like in different places of the world (:

I have forgotten how falling in love feels like. But I remember, it was magical ♥


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